Dutch artist Marcel Bakker is self taught and has been drawing as long as he can remember. His drawings are created from the flickering between mind and subconsciousness. Trying to let intuition and balance create a flow of whatever comes up. Marcel believes that the act of drawing is one of the most direct and pure ways to make this connection visual. This forms the base of his detailed and surreal drawings. Submerged in the process the image and story are coming into existence at the same time.

“My drawings are about understanding the world as we see it in relation to what we can not see but lies at the base of our existence…. It’s an ongoing process in which there is no end"

Most of his drawings connect with each other and tell the personal story of an internal process using archetypes and symbolism. They flow out of the detailed backgrounds that represents the energies that connects and creates us all in the collective field. His work is mainly black and white, sometimes little color is added. The medium used is mostly mechanical pencil. The proces can be very time consuming as the details tend to grow within the drawings.

“I never know what the end result will look like and to be fair I don’t always understand the end result and therefore leaves behind a mystery that I take into future drawings”.

His work has been published in several art books and magazines and attended in the Dreamscapes 6 edition.